We are very thankful for your great concern and worries towards us in the critical time of  the devastating earthquake on 25th of April,2015 of magnitude 7.9 Richter scale (which took more than 10000 lives and injured around 20000 people , huge loss of  house buildings as well as other physical properties including our cultural heritage).

We had received many helps and kind wishes from you all during the our Emergency Relief Campaign for the Laprak villagers  during the earthquake time. We eventually performed our job very successfully during the emergency relief campaign which has really helped the victims even in the critical time and we felt very happy when we found them feeling relief to some extent. So it shows that more or less  we have successfully fulfilled their immediate needs and it is  because of the great efforts, helps from you  all and my volunteer team members. But now, we have to be ready for the Long Term Reconstruction Project named (“ Reconstruction project for  bringing  back a great smile on face of villagers”) that could be coped against the disaster  for long time as whatever we did to fulfill immediate needs during the Emergency relief Campaign is not appropriate for long term .

On this topic, we have been receiving plenty of wishes and suggestions from many friends and well wishers to keep continuing the good job for the society (Laprak village) and conduct the Long Term Reconstruction  Project to rebuild( reconstruct) the house building for Laprak villager.Therefore, our sincere request to our well wishers and friends to join with us for this Long Term Reconstruction Project for bringing back a great smile on face of our  Laprak villagers.

Our tentative project figure in brief is as follows:

Project Name:

Reconstruction project for bringing back a smile on face of villagers

Project location:

Laprak village is located in Gorkha district in the Gandaki zone of northern  central part of Nepal. It  has 605 houses with a population of 5000 and there are 9 wards (starting with 1 to 9).  Each ward contains of 60 houses to 70 houses. All physical properties including house building are badly demolished by devastating earthquake on 25th of April, 2015.

Purpose of Project:

After a devastating earthquake, people have lost their families,  houses, pet and cattle  as well as other physical properties . People are still afraid of the frequent earthquake shock and  they don’t want to recall that bad  moments again so it seems they have lost their hopes of life to move on. Thus , the main purpose of this project is to bring back a great hopes and smile on their face by rebuilding (reconstructing)  their houses .  For this, we have to be united by joining hand and  hand.

 Our Focus:

Is to reconstruct the houses  

Project plan:

This project starts with rebuilding ( reconstructing) the houses ( 60 to 70 houses ) from 1 Ward  or any ward out of 9 Wards at the first phase.  After successfully done with first phase, then we start rebuilding the other more 60 to 70 houses from any ward out of 9 wards in second phase .This process will be continued until our target is met.  

Project Type:

This is long term project . We can run this project until our target is met.

Project Cost:

We will update about the cost for 1 house to be reconstructed later. We need financial supports (helps) to manage manpower and raw materials for reconstructing house building.  

This is just tentative project proposal. We would like to request you all to go through this proposal plan and feel free to give us feedback for moving ahead with this project. Your guidance and suggestions always gives us good and positive energy to do something better for the society (Laprak village). We will give you a project plan in a complete form soon. We are always  thankful for your great helps, trust and kind co-ordination towards us. Last but not  least,  I would like to request you all lets work together for good cause.